photo of the day: i spy

7 02 2009

Continuing the theme from a couple of posts ago, I was out walking in one of the local parks and something caught my eye way up at the top of a tree.  I couldn’t really get as close as I wanted, even after wadding through snow that was over my knees, but it was a neat thing to see on a very cold February afternoon.


photo of the day: cradling leaf

5 02 2009

A non-hdr shot for a change.  Walking around the park, I’m amazed at how many leaves are still clinging onto the trees.  I took a few shots of them, but this one was by far my favourite, particularly the way the curl of the leaf cradled the snow.

photo of the day: storefront

5 02 2009

I was out on the weekend and early this week taking lots of pictures – standard shots and hdr – and I finally got through processing and uploading them this evening.  This is one of my favourites.  It’s an hdr shot and what I love about it is all the different elements, most of which I didn’t even notice when I was actually taking the picture.  It makes me think of a game: I spy with my little eye something that is Bard-ish 🙂

photo of the day: a door

3 02 2009

photo of the day: a lamp post

1 02 2009

I took some photos a few days ago around suppertime.  The light was just magical. I love this shot because the way the light hits the lamp post it looks like it’s on, but it wasn’t, and also because of the mix of shadow and light behind the lamp post.

photo of the day: locked heart

28 01 2009

This is another hdr shot that I took a few weeks ago on a day where I got quite a few hdr shots I was happy with.  I love the look of snow in hdr.