about me: an introduction


“Tell me something about yourself…”

It’s a silly question really because where do you begin? A list of facts? A list of favourites? All of that changes over time.

I found this old list of facts from a previous website. Strange to see how many of them are no longer quite so “factual.” For example, I’ve been to three universities since Trent and I’m on my way to the fourth. I’ve also stopped thinking that being quiet is bad for me. Interesting little time capsule all the same. I’ve updated some (revisionist that I am) and I’ll probably keep adding to the list – just for the fun of it.


  • is an only child
  • yes, she was spoiled rotten and received everything that her heart could desire though for reasons beyond her she refuses even now to admit this to her parents
  • had a very happy childhood
  • her father and her have always disagreed about many crucial things and though this arguing upsets her mother she finds it builds character [we still argue, though I’m not so sure anymore about the “building character” thing]
  • has issues regarding her grandmother that no one can really understand or help her resolve
  • is far too just the right amount of quiet for her own good and is sick of hearing people say this about her
  • is apparently bad at “intiating” conversations
  • loves Winne the Pooh and owns [has sold at a garage sale] a great quantity of overpriced Disney merchandise to show her love for Poohbear [which has taught her to be much more diserning about what she spends her money on]
  • loves Buffy (and sometimes watches it two or three times a week if a differnet episode is on) [Still enjoy the occasional episode, but now my weekly addiction is Grey’s Anatomy]
  • thinks that Oz is the ideal male (except for the whole werewolf thing) [has moved onto the Stranger in Dear Frankie]
  • has the odd habit of falling in love with television shows that are cancelled far too soon (such as MSCL, Twin Peaks and American Gothic)
  • has many episodes of these shows on tape so she can still watch and enjoy them watches and enjoys many Canadian television shows (Due South among them) [these tapes went out because of the big move]
  • loves musicals
  • is currently [was] obsessed with Rent
  • has seen the Canadian production 20 [over 20 times] (so far)
  • [used to] inwardly seethes with anger every time someone tells [told] her that she has seen it too much and needs to go to Rent AA or something along those lines
  • has loved David Cassidy since seeing him in Blood Brothers [yeah, i’m so over that.]
  • plays many musical instruments but lacked the dedication to pursue music as a career
  • wishes she could sing
  • has never left the North American continent
  • stills resents her parents for the three day trip they took her on to Amish country
  • dream vacation destination is England, Ireland and Scotland
  • is finally getting to go [went] to England….SEPTEMBER 2ND!!!!!! [And another whole month long trip to the UK since then ]
  • has developed a phobia of flies and ladybugs since arriving at Trent – [still have it to this day]
  • never really procrastinates (though she likes to claim she does) because all she does is procrastinate about starting five days early
  • would like to be able to sleep at night if her essay is not started a couple of days before it is due but realizes that this is impossible
  • wants to do something exciting or meaningful with her life but can’t decide what
  • loves Kenneth Branagh and every movie he has ever made, written, acted in, directed, etc.
  • counts Branagh’s four hour version of Hamlet among her [somewhat] favourite movies – [I was going through a phase]
  • favourite book is by L.M. Montgomery and is called The Blue Castle – can’t really explain why this is her favourite book….it just is
  • hates poetry except for Shakespeare’s Sonnets, especially 116 which is her favourite – [I’ve moved past the whole “hating” thing. Some I’ve even come to appreciate, though I hope I never ever have to try and teach Rhythm and Meter to first year undergrads again.]
  • loathes Milton’s Paradise Lost and resents the fact that she had to spend three whole weeks of her life that she will never get back studying it in first year English
  • no longer has a favourite music group but has gone through many and the longest lasting was probably Bon Jovi (but to be fair after their big hair phase) – [Right now I’m loving me some Amos Lee]
  • understands the value of true friendship
  • believes you should see Good Will Hunting on a regular basis
  • believes with her whole heart that we always hurt the people closest to us
  • has never seen a James Bond film
  • can’t seem to make it past page 20 of Anna Karenia (but I will attempt it again in the future)
  • is an escapee from academica (and proudly so)
  • is continually surprised at which people stay in her life and which disappear – because usually she thinks it will be the over way around for all of them

Want a more up-to-date me? Read the blog.


One response

27 12 2007

Seriously…you’ve never seen James Bond! OMG! We must fix this! NOW!

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