review: interred with their bones

7 06 2009

I picked up Interred with Their Bones last weekend because I was looking for something a bit more escapist in my reading this week.  Whenever I want something escapist I turn to mysteries and I’d been wanting to read this Shakespeare-related mystery ever since I saw it in a bookstore several months ago.

The novel focuses on Kate Stanley, a former academic who is busy rehearsing a production of Hamlet at the Globe theatre.  Her former advisor, Roz, arrives, telling her she’s found something and needs Kate’s help.  Roz is found dead (in the manner of Hamlet’s father) later that evening and that sets Kate on the path of finding out exactly what Roz discovered before the killer gets to her.  Her journey focuses on a “lost” play by Shakespeare and also raises questions about the authorship of the plays.

There is certainly quite a bit of action and it did keep my interest throughout.  There’s plenty of interesting facts about Shakespeare’s life and theories about his authorship, and at certain points in the novel, there are scenes set in the 1600s that help heighten the mystery.  I found it hard to suspend my disbelief in several sections though, and I just had trouble believing that Kate would continue with her search with almost all of the innocent people she encounters in the book ending up dead.  Though I suppose there are those that take their Shakespeare very seriously…




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