photos of the days: the swans are back

18 04 2009

Somehow time and words have got away from me for the last couple of weeks, and it’s the latter that is most concerning, and which has given me a case of the blahs.  The Artsy Mama suggested that I start each day by thinking about something wonderful, something that makes me happy, so today, I decided to think about the swans.

They may be a bit vicious up close if you get too near them or if a dog has just been by and has them all riled up.  Once the tourist season picks up and people are gawking and in some cases pestering them, I try and give them a wide berth.  But last week, just after their release onto the river, I headed down with my lensbaby and was permitted to get pretty close to them.

I did almost wind up in the middle of a fight.  I guess we all must suffer for our art.




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18 04 2009

A very good start.

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