photos of the day: a rainy day

5 04 2009

Today’s not a rainy day.  It looks like a beautiful day is dawning – perfect weather for the swans to march back down to the river in their yearly parade.

I took this picture with my lensbaby a few rainy days ago.  After the rain stopped I went out with my lensbaby and my macro kit and tried to shoot some rain drops.  It proved a frustrating venture since I only have the plastic optic and it didn’t get the drops themselves as sharp as I wanted.  I also found it harder to hold the focus than I usually do – I guess because the drops were so small.

I did like a few of the shots.  First, there was this one where I used the macro attachment and the star aperture.

The focus isn’t there, but I loved the burst of light on the drop itself and then the faint and unexpectedly large stars caught in the background.

Then I turned and taking off the macro attachment, I looked quickly through the viewfinder, expecting my shooting was over for the day, only to find all the little droplets highlighted against a tree trunk looked like little fairy lights.  That’s what I love about photography: the totally unexpected and unplanned shot that turns out to be the one that stays the longest in your memory.




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