photo of the day: puddle reflection

10 02 2009

I was walking back to the train station and as I looked down, I just happened to see the CN tower reflected in a puddle in the sidewalk.  I quickly snapped and picture and moved on, not paying much attention, but when I loaded the picture on the computer, I found that I loved the crystal clear image of the puddle contrasted with the dirty snow and cigarette butts all around it.




4 responses

10 02 2009

Wonderful picture. I agree, the contrast is amazing. I love those little surprises; some opportunities come when we least expect them. Great job.

10 02 2009

Thank you! I’ve really be interested in photographing puddles, but it was a day where I wasn’t even thinking of it and it just happened to catch my eye. It made me wish I’d been paying more attention as I walked around 🙂

10 02 2009

Amazing clarity, like a post card really. Nice shot, good for you.

13 02 2009

Thanks, Sandra!

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