review: run

5 12 2008

So I didn’t turn to anything by Agatha as my next reading choice.  I returned, instead, to Ann Patchett, whose Bel Canto was one of the reading highlights of my year.  I had Run in the to-be-read pile so that’s what I picked up.  I’m sad to say that it wasn’t quite what I expected.

And it’s quite odd because I didn’t relate to any of the characters, I didn’t feel myself that interested in the story – except for the first chapter – and I felt like I didn’t really know what the book was about.  But I liked it.  I know the two statements do follow logically, but I found it quite an enjoyable reading experience.  I enjoyed Patchett’s words and her way of putting them together, but in terms of the story it just wasn’t there for me.  I’ve never felt this way about a book before.  Usually I don’t like a book and that’s because I don’t like the story, but this time I enjoyed the writing, but I didn’t care much for the story.

I was interested in one issue raised in the P.S. interview with Patchett that was included in my edition.  She talked about sacrifice and obligation and social obligation, and whether characters like Tip and Teddy who have specific gifts and who have not been asked by their society to sacrifice a great deal have a duty or obligation to society.  I was quite interested in that idea, but that aspect of the novel didn’t strike me while I was actually reading it.

So a unique reading experience, but maybe not in the best of ways.




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6 12 2008
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