photo of the day: city hall

30 12 2008

I’ve started experimenting with hdr photography.  I’ve been wanting to try it for awhile, but I was holding off on purchasing a program to create my images.  Well, I finally gave in and now I take three pictures of everything, just to see how they might look as hdr images.  This is one I did today of our city hall.  I love that it has a kind of fairy-tale feel to it.


xmas books

29 12 2008

Santa was very good to me this year, leaving two fiction books I really wanted to read, a book about making funky vintage aprons and

a new Jamie cookbook that I had no idea was even out.  His elves at Amazon UK made sure it arrived in plenty of time for Christmas.  I made a recipe from it for lunch on Xmas day and it was as simple and tasty as the book’s premise guaranteed.

I can also now share the Artsy Mama’s Xmas present – a Blurb book with photos of the place we call home.

photo of the day: happy holidays

24 12 2008

photo of the day: xmas through the viewfinder

21 12 2008

The tiniest glass xmas tree – as seen through the viewfinder.

photo of the day: shakespeare on the xmas tree

14 12 2008

the virtual tbr pile

14 12 2008

So I’ve added a new pages to the blog: a virtual tbr pile.  It’s essentially a list of all the blogs I’ve heard about or seen in stores that I want to read and I’ll keep adding to it as I find books that interest me – and hopefully I’ll start striking a few through and make some progress on it.  I’ve been using WeRead to do this, but thought this might be a better spot to track all of my reading – past, present and future.  It’s quite long already, and I haven’t even added books in the actual tbr pile, which has started spread off the bottom couple of shelves of my fiction bookcases.

review: the tales of beedle the bard

12 12 2008

I didn’t pre-order my copy or rush out as soon as the stores open as most self-respecting Harry Potter fans must have, but I did go out the day it was published – a bit later in the day as I kind of forget it came out that day until the Artsy Mama reminded me – and picked up a copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard.  I didn’t read it in one gigantic gulp though, as I could have easily done.  Instead I spread it over about a week, reading one story and commentary at a time.

I enjoyed it very much and my one compliant is that I would have liked more – much, much more.  I enjoyed re-immersing myself in the worlds J.K. Rowling is able to create and I would have enjoyed venturing much deeper into this fairy-tale land with more stories.

I enjoyed all of the stories in different ways, but parts that particularly stood out to me was the cleverness of Babbitty Rabbitty, the harrowing tales of the Warlock’s Hairy Heart and the message behind “The Tale of the Three Brothers” (the story that was featured in Deathly Hallows). Dumbledore’s voice and wit came through loud and clear and I thoroughly enjoyed the footnotes and I must admit it made me eager to return to that tradition on my blog.