the agatha christie podcasts

27 11 2008

I haven’t been doing too much reading this week.  The Alchemist was a bit disappointing and I’m not sure what I feel like turning to next.  I’ve started reading a few pages each night of David Sedaris’ Holidays On Ice, but even that hasn’t grabbed my attention as I was expecting.

I have, however, been doing some listening.  I’ve been listening to the Agatha Christie podcasts for some time on and off, but recently I’ve been walking every morning and listening to an episode each time.  I love the podcasts.  Even though I’ve read or seen movies of some of the stories, I still enjoy listening to them and I find that the characters and the tone they establish fit perfectly with my image of Christie’s work.

I also recently saw the new version of Appointment with Death.  I’ve been waiting for some time to see the new Poirots they’ve been making.  I always looked forward to seeing them on A&E when they were showing all the Poirots, but they seem to have dropped them and I have to try and catch them elsewhere.  I saw this new one just by chance.  There seemed to have been some major changes to the end from what I can remember, but I might have to read it again just to double check.  Maybe that’s what I should turn to next Appointment with Death. Or maybe Hercule Poirot’s Christmas (since it’s getting to be that season).




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15 05 2009

I absolutely adore the Agatha Christie podcasts as well. Was surfing the net for podcast downloads and stumbled upon here(:

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