review: brat farrar

28 10 2008

I wasn’t sure that I would be going back to Josephine Tey’s work after my experience with Miss Pym.  As I said before, I like my whodunits with a body quite early on, not the building and building and building with nothing to show for it that characterized Miss Pym.  The twist was well done in Miss Pym Disposes, but on the whole it wasn’t my cup of tea.

But seeing as how I’d already bought Brat Farrar at the same time as Miss Pym Disposes, I thought I would give it a go.  And this time, I was not disappointed.

Brat Farrar focuses on the Ashby family.  The heir to the family estate, Patrick Ashby, committed suicide several years before after the death of the Ashby parents, and his twin brother Simon is just about to reach the age of majority and take over his family’s fortunes.  Enter Brat Farrar – a stranger who bears an uncanning resemablance to Simon and who pretends to be Patrick after a great deal of coaching about every detail of Patrick’s early life.

I guessed the twist quite early, but still found the book a page-turner, and the ending, though expected, was not unsatisfying.  I did feel that I missed out on one actual key bit of information, about how something was actually done, but I can’t say what it is or I’ll ruin the whole thing for everyone.  Perhaps I was going too fast in my hurry to get to the end.

A much more enjoyable experience with Tey than Miss Pym, so much so that I wish it had been even longer.




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