photo of the day: the elusive hot chocolate

27 10 2008

This may look like an average cup of hot chocolate in my new favourite mug (I find the green very calming, though the lack of handle presents more challenges than I imagined when I bought it), but it is anything but.

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to spend two days in France visiting the memorials and cemeteries of WWI.  We stayed at a little hotel in Bapaume and had a fairly good dinner at which – and this is the only time this has happened to me so you know how rarely I eat at upscale establishments – the waiter brushed my place with a little brush and dustpan (crumb pan, I suppose I should call it).  Breakfast, though, as the true highlight because I had the most delicious chocolat ever.  I have tried since that time to find a hot chocolate powder or recipe that would equal that dark chocolat goodness and my taste buds and my wallet have been disappointed ever since.

But that has ended now.  I finally found something very much akin to it in powder form at – of all places – Winners.  Yummy!  I’d give away the brand name, but I’m afraid that there’d be such a run on it that I would be without this decadent treat again…




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