reading catch-up

19 07 2008

I have been reading.  I just haven’t felt like writing about what I’ve been reading.  So since berevity is the soul of wit, I’ll do a very brief reading catch-up.

The House at Riverton is precisely my kind of book.  Or at least that’s what I thought when I bought it.  Truth be told it took me awhile to get into this confessional historical tale, and I paused about a third of the way through and read A Fine Balance instead.  I did return to it and the last third did hold my attention and I fe;lt quite emotional towards the end.  I couldn’t help feeling I wanted just a bit more from it – from both the past story and the present one.

Another disappointment was the latest David Sedaris.  I’ve blogged before about my love for all things Sedaris, but When You Are Engulfed in Flames was lacking in some ways for me.  I found that the funniest stories were ones that I had already been exposed to (either through reading them online or his story about the stadium pal on Letterman).  The mix of comedy and insightfulness that I so love in his earlier collections was not quite as effective in this volume.

Finally, a surprise read.  I went into the big bad city to visit a friend and when I woke up very early (still on my teacher’s internal clock), I pulled A Fine Balance off her bookcase and started on it to kill some time.  What that turned into was 150 pages in one go and a trip to the library as soon as I got home (have I mentioned I’m not buying any more books?).  It was a fantastic read with the mix of stories and people seeming Dickensian in scope.  The horrors experienced by some of the characters were difficult to read, but so necessary in capturing the time and the characters.   The theme of community, of connecting with others, in a time where you are taught to fear and to be separate really spoke to me.

I’ve just started Miss Pym Disposes.  I enjoy mystery fiction and I’d never before heard of Jospehine Tey so I thought I would give this one a go.  I’m having trouble getting into it.  I keep waiting for the body – I’m impatient that way – and I’m also struggling a bit with submerging myself into the time.  I may have to break down and try something else if it doesn’t improve in the next few pages.




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19 07 2008

Try reading THE DAUGHTER OF TIME by Tey.
You might like to look up the Jemima Shore novels by Antonia Fraser too.

19 07 2008
still waters

Thanks for the suggestions 🙂 I’ll definitely look them up.

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