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26 06 2008


a brief reading catch-up

23 06 2008

The term is almost over. I’ve spent most of my time reading essays, marking presentations and lesson planning for Romeo and Juliet (which lasted six weeks, but felt like six months). Oh, and yes, let’s not forget the joys of an almost daily supply period.

It’s been really good overall though, and once I have a “life” rather than “work” focus again in a week’s time, I’ll probably reflect on the term in more detail. But for now I thought I’d catch-up on the books – the very small number of books – I’ve been able to read since I started teaching full-time.

First up, Eat, Pray, Love. I started this pretty close the time I started teaching. The first few sections really struck me, particularly her moment on the bathroom floor. I was feeling a bit like that myself at the time actually. I found as I read on though that it wasn’t everything I wanted or needed it to be. I felt every time she came close to telling me something very important, she backed away and just reflected on having gained this insight or had this experience. There are some pages turned down, but they were often wisdom from other characters. I’d share one of them – something about not letting yourself breakdown because once you do it becomes easier and easier to give in to that impulse – but I lent it to the Artsy Mama.

I also managed to fit in two fiction reads: The Monsters of Templeton and The Outcast by Sadie Jones. I enjoyed both of them, though I can’t remember too many details right now. The Monsters of Templeton appealed to me because of the cover initially, and then I always like stories that blend the present and the past, particularly when there is some kind of mystery to solve. In terms of The Outcast, I was half-in and half-out for much of the novel, but what I liked was how it surprised me. I was expecting, based on the rest of the novel, a sad ending, and the direction in she went in surprised me and gave me a closure that was unexpected and that was one of the things I liked the best about.

I’ve started the new David Sedaris (more on that soon) and I’ve just started The House at Riverton, which seems like precisely my kind of book.


20 06 2008

Regular blogging should begin in approximately a week and a half. Until then I’ve found another site to rave about (in additoin to Picnik and Lunapic) – Wordle.

I created the following image using words from a paragraph from an article I wrote about Sarah Daniels madness plays.

Good thing I have two months of spectacular unemployment ahead of me to play with all these new websites.