Blame it on Flickr

19 01 2008

No, actually, blame should be placed on the Artsy Mama’s old digital camera, which is now my new digital camera. I’ve been takin more photographs. It is something I’ve always thought I would like to pursue, for myself, on my own time. And I have been a bit recently with the lull in work. Deciding to back up those recent photos lead me to backing up all my old digital photos using Flickr and I realized there were quite a few shots that might be worthy posting and, occasional, talking about. So this is the first post attempting to do just that. And there might be more of this. Who really knows? I’m quite fickle sometimes.

I don’t have much to say about this picture. It is from a cathedral in Edinburgh. I found myself fascinated with stained glass quite few times on that visit, with the beauty and fragility of it, particularly the shards that clung to ruins of the cathedral in Coventry, though that is for another post, I think.

This picture caught my attention today because of the glimmer of light I caught quite by accident and I have been thinking about light and snatches of light in the air because I’ve just been watching Evening. I can’t say that I really liked it and I found some of the dialogue quite jarring, and yet I found myself starting to cry about half an hour from the end and then being unable to stop, just the glimpses of light and joy and sadness and beauty and family that made up the ending of the film – and, most particularly, a remembrance of stars.

And there was this line the character of Ann says that I think I must try to remember, particularly right now, particularly the very last part of it: “There’s no such thing as a mistake. You get nervous, but you sing anyways.”

And here, as I glanced through my photographs, there was this burst of light that I don’t even remember being in the picture. It must have always been there, but for some reason I didn’t notice. Perhaps the time wasn’t right.




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