Looking backwards and looking ahead

1 01 2008

It’s been quite a year, particularly work-wise.  I don’t usually make New Year’s Resolutions, but I have one this year and I will certainly be sticking to this one: Never teach 7.5 essay writing and communication classes in one term.

Now on to pleasanter things – my 2007 reads.  I was able to read just over 30 books, which I’m fairly happy with considering my reading for pleasure ended in September and didn’t begin again until mid-December.   I’m even more pleased that I read so many good books this year.  There were a few that stood out and here is a list of my top ten reads for 2007:

10. Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont

9. Maisie Dobbs

8. The Reader

7. The History of Love

6. The Dark Room

5. The Act of Roger Murgatroyd: An Entertainment

4. Mr. Pip

3. David Sedaris – Me Talk Pretty One Day and Dress Your Family in Corduory and Denim

2. What is the What

1. The Book Thief

My top read wasn’t hard to pick at all.  It is one of the most remarkable books I’ve ever read and would probably top a list – if I felt so inclined – of my favourite reads of the last decade.

Looking ahead, I’ve got my first read of 2008 all lined up.  I’ll spending some time with Pip and Mr. Dickens for the very first time.  I’ll also try and squeeze in more reading for pleasure before work-related reading takes over once again.

I would make more resolutions – about this attempt to look ahead rather than backwards and change some of my work versus life priorities – so I will say this: I resolve to try.

Happy New Year!




3 responses

11 01 2008
J.S. Peyton

David Sedaris is hilarious. He’s taking entirely too long to come out with his next book.

11 01 2008

Yes, it has taken far too long. I nearly jumped for joy when I found out his new collection is coming out in June.

12 01 2008
J.S. Peyton

What! Really?! I didn’t know that. Now I’m jumping with joy.

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