Books of a different sort…

26 08 2007

I’m going to be spending time today reading The Sisters Mortland (which is reminding me so much of Atonement though I’m not entirely sure why yet) and finishing this:

I’ve wanted something like this for sometime and thanks to the Artsy Mama I’ve finally almost got it.  I’ve included the names of all my favourite books and it will hang, with pride, among them.




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2 09 2007
J.S. Peyton

Wow! Very cool! This is probably a stupid a question but is that a painting? Whatever it is, it looks like something I’d love to have hanging on my wall too. : )

P.S. Love the new look, by the way! Everyone has changed their look. I love it!

3 09 2007

It’s not a painting. It’s quilting wall hanging. It’s my first major quilting project. I selected all the different materials and then embroidered on the book names using thesewing machine.
Thanks for commenting on the new look! I felt like it needed a change.

12 09 2007

I’m delighted to have discovered you via Avon Musings, and I shall be back to read more!

12 09 2007

Hello Karen! Thank you very much for your comment and for stopping by. I know my Mom was very inspired by your blog so it’s nice to hear that you found your way here through her new blog.

21 10 2007

I’d never thought books could be quilted! What a nice idea!

21 10 2007

Thank you! It’s all done except for a slot for hanging. Maybe by December it will be up and surrounded by books of the real kind 🙂

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