My Writing Mood

24 07 2007

I’ve been writing a lot more recently than I have for a long time. School and work kept me busy and now having neither of those for a couple of months I’ve focused more and more on my writing. And I think that’s good. But it’s also bad.

It’s complicated.

I find that writing puts me in a distinct mood – after a certain amount of writing time that is. The odd scribbling here and there doesn’t do, but if I sit down and for days in a row do at least a couple of hours writing, I get myself into a state. I get distracted and antsy if I’m not writing. But then it shifts a bit and I start worrying about where it’s all going instead of just enjoying the writing as I know I should and that makes it hard to concentrate on anything at all (writing included). Time seems to kind of press in on me and I feel like it all – whatever that all is – needs to be ‘now’ rather than ‘some day.’ On some level it seems that writing – or at least how I think about my writing – is bad for me, but at the same time I think it’s very, very good for me too. So, as I said right from the off-set, it’s complicated.

I’ve tried to combat this by switching projects a bit and tried to put the thinking about what to do with the end project on the back burner with my other worries about finding a full-time job and being a disgraceful supply teacher. I can do it sometimes, keep that pot on the back burner, though I am the sort to let that burner simmer instead of switching it right off.

There is one thing that is helping and that is my reading. Because I’ve been reading my summer kinds of reads, I am reminded over and over and over again that reading should be fun, that it should be about being sucked into a really good story, that it should be about taking you away from all those cares and woes simmering on the back burner.

And that above all else helps when I’m in my writing mood. Well, something had better or someone will soon hang a sign above my head that says, “BEWARE – Writer at Work.”




One response

24 07 2007

I too have been doing a lot of writing and reading this summer – and having a blast!

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