I take it all back…

12 07 2007

I take it all back, all the negative and doubtful things I said about Jamie and gardening. It was worth all that hard slog now that the peas and beans are in and they are glorious.

Not much else to report, just had to share my beautiful peas. I’m still making my way through The Observations, which took me about 50 pages to get into, but now it’s really picked up. Now that my writing has picked up again, I’m not getting through books quite as quickly, but it’s probably a fair trade off. I’ve also started reading Runaway as my short story reading. I’m only two stories in so it’s probably too early to judge, but so far it isn’t my favourite collection. More detailed reports on them once I get done since I really should stop commenting on books halfway through (or in the case of Runaway a fifth of the way in).




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