You know you don’t have a problem when…

10 07 2007

…your biggest decision of the day is which book to add to your amazon order to reach the $39 free shipping threshold. I had two all set – a creative writing book and then Mrs. Palfrey at The Claremont (which I just saw the film version of – lovely), but the agony of deciding on the third. I wanted something just to take me over the top so I didn’t seem to access. I went through my wishlist. Most things weren’t in stock with waits from a few days to months. I finally decided on the 8th Jane Austen mystery – figuring this was ideal summer reading – but I put it in the cart and it left me $3.09 short. So I removed that and clicked through book after book on my wish list. I’d forgotten what half of them about and at least a third of them didn’t sound as appealing as I thought. I wanted something good, I wanted a 100% guaranteed good read, but books don’t come with those kinds of guarantees. Even things I’m absolutely positively sure I’m going to love can take a turn for the worse.

On a more positive note, the writing is progressing well, I think. I can never be sure, you know. Not the best judge of that, and not usually one to toot my own horn. But it feels like it is going well. I’ve returned to my novel, with a bit more perspective and a kind of “aha” moment that has solved a problem I was having with the second half (the second narrator’s half) and today I really sat down and wrote out the WWI chapter. When I start writing I do a lot of skelton chapters – I write sections and then I say something like “WRITE THIS” or “DESCRIBE THIS” – “this” be whatever I want to write but all the words and phrases I think of at the moment suck so I just describe what I want to write and come back to it. This is not the most productive way of writing. It’s a cheat’s way really and I’m trying desperately to break the habit. I still feel uncertain, but I’m making tenative steps. I’m writing a little bit every day as I always intend to do and I’m writing crappy sentences in place of “WRITE THIS” and accepting that that is okay.

Some progress I think.

And let’s not forget two posts in two days.  More progress.




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