Vinyl Cafe Obsession

10 07 2007

The artistic Mama has become obsessed with Stuart McLean and the Vinyl Cafe. She’ll probably say that “obsessed” it too strong a word for it, but here’s the evidence: we can’t talk when he’s on (well, except if the song playing isn’t a favourite), she schedules her week around when the show comes on and the one time it looked like she wouldn’t be home to hear the new show earlier in the week she wanted me to use a light-bulb timer on the radio so I could tape it and was quite upset when I refused and suggested she catch it later in the week.

It’s not that I have anything personal against him or the show or the stories. In fact – and I hate to admit this since she does read this blog – I quite enjoy the stories I’ve heard recently and his show overall and I’ve just finished Vinyl Cafe Diaries and found much to admire. And he had quite some wise words to say about writing and the craft of writing and how much perseverance it takes.

What I’m holding against him is that he’s taken away all my excuses. His reinforced everything Artistic Mama has already said about writing and what I need to do to be a writer and because he is a writer and on the radio and something of an expert in this area and because he makes a lot of sense, I can’t really fall back on my old excuses of something not being good enough or being fearful about calling myself a writer.

Yes, he’s made it very hard to get any sympathy around here when I moan about my lack of progress or crappy drafts. Yes, he’s made it very difficult indeed…




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