A Green Thumb

9 07 2007

I believe I mentioned (awhile back) my garden. My first attempt at a garden. It is – and I hope I don’t jinx it by saying this – thriving. I haven’t had the best luck of things in the plant realm so this has all come to me as a terrific surprise.

Here’s a picture from some time back – when things were just starting to peek above the surface:

And here is it as of this afternoon:

So despite the devious plans set in motion by the resident squirrels, we’ve had the first batch of lettuce and the beans and peas and carrots and potatoes are well on their way.

You might think with all this gardening success reading and writing have gone right out of my head. In fact, the garden takes up very little time and I’ve been whipping through books like I haven’t done in years and I’ve returned to my writing as well.

Here’s a quick catch-up of what I’ve got through since I posted last:

Gentlemen and Players: I figured out “the twist” quite early, but it still was a page turner because I wanted to see if I was as clever as I thought I was (and turns out I was). It also almost made me apply for a teaching job at a private school, which is another story indeed.

The Penny Tree: This seemed a good fit for summer and I think it was. If I’d read this in fall or winter, when I’m in the mind for more serious fiction, I don’t know if I would have even made my way right through it. The story (as presented by the back cover) was intriguing, but there was something lacking…

The Blackest Bird: I didn’t really know any of the history behind this tale and I don’t know as much about Poe as I should (especially since I taught him in a detective fiction course). Everything about it seemed quite long and involved – in some ways this worked, in others I just wanted to get to the solution.

The Woman in Black: Best of the bunch recently, capturing a real sense of that time, but more particularly of that genre and its conventions.

Right now I’ve just started reading The Observations. It hasn’t hooked me yet, but it’s early days yet. I’m also making my way through some Stuart McLean, which I should probably save comment on for a future post.




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