How my eight year love of Jamie Oliver came to end in two hours…

22 04 2007

Well, not really.

I do still love Jamie and all his works.

But he has caused me hours of back-breaking labour and there’s still many more hours to come.*

You see, I’ve decided to become a gardener. Yes, thanks to Jamie Oliver, I’ve decided to plant my first vegetable garden. Nevermind that my last forary into the horticulture realm could not be counted as a success. I watched one episode of Jamie at Home and I was convinced that I too could grow beautiful potatoes and other assorted veggies.

So the past few days have been spent clearing a spot in the backyard. Right, who knew that clearing grass was such a difficult thing to do? It’s cleared – thanks in large part to the Handy Papa – and now I’ve been told I actually need to turn the dirt over. And then rake it. And then do something to stop the dirt from running every which way when I water it. And apparently I need to be worried about squirrels and some devious plots they intend to hatch in my veggie patch.

I had no idea. Too many books. Too much school. Not enough time spent digging around in the garden.

But I’m making up for that now.


If I can contend with those blasted squirrels and their devious plans.


1. Some (such as the Handy Papa) might say I brought this back-breaking labour upon myself. Six of one, half a dozen of another, I say.




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12 07 2007
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