My Required Reading

26 01 2007

I’ve been reading, but nothing that appears in my sidebar.  Those have been put aside.  Even the David Sedaris binge has stopped (dramatic sigh).

No, I’ve been doing my “Required Readings” for school.  Is there anything on earth more boring than most course’s “Required Readings”?  English can be the major exception to this, but you have to find yourself in the right class and with the right professor.  Not like my horrendous Eunuch in Literature class (shudder).  I only went through two of them before I dropped it, but in that case it was an awful prof who picked ridiculous theoretical texts and neglected the literature in a literature class till the end of the semester.  I dropped it, getting myself into something much more sensible: women’s speculative fiction.  Not much better you say?  Well, there’s no accounting for some people’s tastes.*

My point – and I do have one and it wasn’t be alarming or earth-shattering when I do get to it in let’s say four more words – is that all that required reading usually keeps me from the reading I really want to be doing.  Dave Eggers is on the self, about a third done, and I go to pick it up and then the little angel on my right shoulder slaps my hand and tells me to pick up my Special Education textbook.  I spot Dress Your Family in Corduory and Denim in another corner and my hand starts itching to pick it up and the little angel on my left should starts shaking her head and clicking her tongue and points out stack of articles to get through.

Where’s the little devil when you need one?


1. The class was actually fantastic and I got an article published based on work I did in the course.  My first article.  No, actually it would be my second.  My first one was in a big city newspaper about back-to-school make-up trends.   Judge me if you will, but it did get my name in print.




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