Required Reading

11 01 2007

I don’t do a lot of linking to other blogs. You might have noticed that. There’s a few I read on a regular basis, but I’m always a bit fearful of discovering someone new. How very backwards of me, I know. But time can be limited and if there’s any hope of actually reading my Educational Psychology textbook, then I can’t be exposed to tons of blogs, which are – let’s face it – much more fun and engaging and (too often) educational than your standard Ed Psych textbook.

Today, though, I clicked on a link and was immediately immersed in the entries on Ungrateful Dumpling.

I went through a difficult patch. I’ve referred to it – albeit briefly – in a couple of entries. I’m not ready or I just don’t want to revisit it yet – or maybe ever. That’s still open for discussion. I was confused, lost, broken.

To put it simply: For most of my life, I had faith – not in a religious way – but faith in life, and then I lost it.

The good news, the really good news is I found my way back. I shake my head sometimes because the person I was just over a year ago is someone I can’t even recognize now.

Something in the entries at Ungrateful Dumpling spoke to me so profoundly about that time, about the time just an instant before the end of that time, the moment when I started to feel the change coming, the moment just before the darkness subsided, the moment when I had to have the most faith that the light would come again.

So required reading: Ungrateful Dumpling. He puts it much more eloquently than I ever could.




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