Back to reality

8 01 2007

Tomorrow means the end of my holidays.  Back to school so posting might become sporadic at best – though I do have the best of intentions* to post regularly.

I intended to have a restful day, but there was so much stuff to get together and get done – the mandatory walk round the river to take, muffins to be made, bags to pack, emergency car kit to prepare (since I’m commuting back and forth this term and we live in a supposed snow belt), resumes and cover letters to update for upcoming career fairs, and two new recipes to try out at dinner.  All of that accomplished and I still had time to squeeze in 30 minutes of writing.

Well, looking over the list, I certainly feel like I accomplished a lot.  Now if I’d only left myself time for a proper rest…


1. Yes, I am familiar with what they say about good intentions and the road to hell.  I’m just trying to think more optimistically.  If I made New Year’s Resolutions, that would definitely have been #3 – think good thoughts.




2 responses

8 01 2007

Nice blog Heather! keep up your writing..I am waiting for the day I get to read it!

8 01 2007

Thanks for stopping by Andrea! Thanks for the writing encouragement – and if you want a sneak peek (before I hit it big and forget all about trivial things like Gryphons and Brain Jokes – like that will ever happen), just let me know and I’ll forward you a story or two.

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