20 11 2006

“Write a little every day, without hope and without despair.” – Isak Dinesen

I have this on my writing board at home, only I haven’t been looking at it for over three months.

Now if it was alter to “Write a little [lesson plan] every day, without hope and without despair,” I’d be right on track.

I haven’t been writing. Not here. And not in Bleaker. That probably doesn’t make sense because I haven’t talked about Bleaker (aka my first novel) here. I probably will at some point or other. When I revisit it. When I have the time and energy to revisit it.

I have been writing assignments and lesson plans and those I do write without hope and without despair. The quote fits quite well with what I do when I sit down and plan out the day for my students. I must do it without too much hope because what is high school good for if not for trampling good intentions (of both the staff and student variety)? But how could I possibly continue if I despaired of them ever learning anything. That’s the point where a teacher should move on.

But back to the other sort of writing, the writing that I should still be trying to do every day. I’m turned to another project, but the potential for more disappointment is seems too much at this stage, especially when I can’t let myself be sucked into the vortex of the empty page when all those young minds are going to be counting on me in a week’s time.

And this is what happens when I’m in a “blah” mood. It really isn’t pretty.