october 4th will forevermore be day

4 10 2006

That’s right…I said “octopus day.”

As I said in my last post, it’s been a long week. The best solution to the week that drags on forever? Sleep it away.

Which is precisely what I tried to do until Mother Nature decided to wake me up at 5am with a thunderstorm of the first order.

So I headed into town a wee bit tired and bleary eyed. The solution? Coffee. Money? Hardly a cent.

I decided to pull through the drive-in bank machine.

Driving up a dirty white something-or-other hanging on the machine catches my eye. I inch closer and closer only to discover (to my great amazement) an octopus artfully draped over the instant teller machine. I kid you not. An octopus!
Needless to say, no money for me this morning. But my story did make the day of several would-be teachers struggling with the stresses of an upcoming first practicum session so it all turned out for the best.




One response

5 11 2006

Yipes that’s impressive. Good job this didn’t happen in the U.K it could have drawn out a million squid. Perhaps mother natures storm was the cause as it has been documented that it can rain fish etc. This of course freaked out people in the middle ages somewhat and gave us those wonderful woodcut prints. Like your book list,
I have just finnished The Dream by H.G.Wells and highly recommend it to all.
Best of luck with it all and watch out for any more raining ocean dwellers, especially the blue whales, they tend to land with a bit of a thud.

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