a difficult week

4 10 2006

it’s been a difficult week.

and it’s only tuesday.

but at least it’s not just me. i was driving home yesterday, feeling blue for no good reason except perhaps the looming multiple choice test (which is now, thankfully, over with) thinking it was just me, but after discussions with several other would-be teachers this afternoon, it seems to be a general funk.

it’s not that i’m unhappy with what i’m doing. i was ecstatic to begin with, and though that has faded a bit over the past couple of weeks, i’m still content with my decision. i guess i’m getting impatient. i want the year to go faster. i want my own classroom. i’m used to having my own classroom so to be an observer and the dreaded “student teacher” is not a position i relish. the back and forth of student and teacher is also giving me something of a identity crisis.

i keep trying to tell myself it is necessary. the government have told me it is necessary, so i have to bide my time and be content – identity crisis and all.

what i’m reading these days….oodles and oodles of fun.




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