another move

31 08 2006

So I moved again today. I’m now established in a small little town that doesn’t have a theatre less than a minute away. I’m suffering a bit of withdrawal after 4 plays in a week and a half. I miss the theatre and the swans and the great coffee and most importantly (don’t let the order fool you) my family (puppies included).

In my head, I know that living closer to school makes sense – I just don’t feel like being sensible today, I guess.

My room here is nice. A bit plain. I haven’t brought a lot so nothing really says that it is Me yet and I’m not sure if it ever will. With going home on weekends (weather permitting) I feel like there isn’t much need.

I’ve been feeling tired all day. So tired that I felt my eyes almost closing twice during conversation. How rude and on my first day too.

I did bring the tome with me. Reading is not going very quickly. Probably because my arms get too tired from holding it up.




3 responses

31 08 2006
Carl V.

Not that its any of my business to tell you what to do but I would encourage you to decorate and make the place your own despite the fact that you are going home on weekends. I think we highly underestimate the importance of making our space ‘ours’, making it comforting. I highly advocate that among my employees with their offices and feel it is even more important in a place that one is living in, regardless of how much actual time is spent there. Best wishes in school this semester!

31 08 2006

Thanks for the advice. I probably will end up decorating it a bit. I’ve never been able to stand empty walls. I’m glad to hear that you advocate this practice among your employees. I worked in an office once where no one had anything up and I think maybe that contributed to the overall vibe of impersonality.

31 08 2006
Carl V.

I hate workspaces without personality. I think you can maintain a sense of professional decorum while at the same time surrounding yourself with some things that make your work environment feel like a welcoming space. I haven’t done any kind of research but it HAS to help create a positive work environment.

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