A Very Short Review of The Perfect Elizabeth

29 08 2006

So I’ve finished it.


All done.

Anything more to say?

Not really. No.

I know, I know… Not really enough to count as a “review” – though the old adage “If you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all” comes to mind…

I did choose it. I chose it looking for something escapist with a hint of wit and intelligence. And it did say it was a “modern-day Sense and Sensibility” so it can’t be entirely my fault, can it?

There was a moment when I first started reading it where I had the urge to throw it down and cry, “Was this really published?” It got a little bit better than that. A bit. The neurosis of the central character was at times somewhat relatable particularly in terms of career anxiety.

The sentences were very short. It’s not usually something I notice or critique, sentence length, but I really couldn’t help myself. It was also written in very shot sections, even when the next section was part of a larger scene. It was so brief and direct and immediate, but only in a somewhat annoying way.

I kept looking for the Sense and Sensibility ties. Didn’t really find them. There’s two sisters. One of the sisters reads Sense and Sensibility for about a sentence.

Damn those misleading back cover blurbs.




2 responses

30 08 2006
Carl V.

Probably always a good idea to stay away from a book that claims it is a ‘modern day whatever’….it is an effective way to sell books though! Sorry it was a disappointment.

31 08 2006

I think I will in future. I’ve come across some that were so-so but this definitely put me off. I should have just read the original (as usual).

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