i had a really good idea…really i did

16 08 2006

I was all set to write an entry and then the idea just vanished. Poof. Right out of my head.

And it hasn’t come back yet.

I guess that’s an indication of how tired I am.

I sat down today to revise my online course. I came up with a whole new course outline and moved a bunch of topics around. Then I realized how much work it would actually be to move something like Revision from Week 8 to Week 5 and I decided to go back to the original.

I don’t know why I felt like I had to make so much work for myself. Looking at the course, I didn’t see anything wrong with it. It just wasn’t me. But with new technology (new to me) and going back to school full time and the house still in a shambles from the move, I just can’t devote all my time to fixing something that isn’t broken.

I haven’t written in a week and a half. It’s actually been longer than that because I wrote a few lines, revised a couple sentences in the novel, but I haven’t done any “real” writing.

I’m disappointed in myself because I’ve tried really hard over the past through months to be more disciplined about my writing and to write a certain amount of time each day. And I was doing really well, though the amount of my output didn’t change that much.

It hasn’t been frustrating me yet, this not writing. Usually when I have some many other things to do, I’m desperate to find the time to write and I get very annoyed with anything that gets in the way. Or the ideas just start overwhelming me, filling my head, but then partially disappearing before I get a chance to write them down fully and then what I do end up when I finally find pen and paper and jot down the brilliant prose that was in my head ends up just being disappointed when I see it there all permanent.

But that has been happening. There has been nothing. No words. No desire for words.

If I wasn’t so concerned about the house and the course and going back to school in two weeks and the continued lethargy of the Princess Puppy maybe I would be more concerned about not writing.

A week and a half isn’t that long…

Some good news though: I’ve been making some excellent progress on the arranging of books…now if I could only find the two boxes of books the movers decided to hide on me.




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