you know you have a problem when…

12 08 2006

It probably says something about you when you unpack books before clothes. And when the biggest concern about arranging the kitchen is where to put the Jamies and the Nigellas and the Delias and the Donna Hays (the cookbooks that is).

The movers have come and gone and left behind a very big mess. Why even bother labelling books and putting up little labels on each door and directing them to each room if they’re just going to put them wherever the hell they want to anyway. I’m missing an alarming number of books so far. I think they’re two floors up in the room full (absolutely full) of boxes. How much fun will that be…

It was a frustrating day – moving day that is. I felt absolutely useless to the point of feeling belittled. I probably shouldn’t feel that way and I couldn’t do what they did – well perhaps I could but it would take me weeks longer – but still I felt my timid little inner feminist dying to get out.

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. With all of the boxes. And the start of prepping for the course I’m teaching – and learning all the associated technology. And with planning another move over the next few weeks. If I could just get all the books back in place, I’m sure I’ll feel better….




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12 08 2006

just a random hit, still waters. I gather that you are a reader, but do “still waters” run deep?

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