the princess is not adjusting well

7 08 2006

The Princess Puppy is not entirely happy in her new home. She has made her disapproval mypicture.jpgof certain things perfectly clear. Apparently, she doesn’t care for the swans. I suppose the hissing would put most sensible people (and dogs) off.

She’s also being very over protective. She always has been so I suppose she doesn’t know any better. She can’t tell the difference yet between the bad place we used to live and the much friendlier new place we call home.

There are some benefits. There are now two floors between her and her responsibility. There is also some very tasty dirt in the front yard to feast on when dinner proves unsatisfactory.

She’s been quite lethargic which isn’t really like her. And it’s been a sulky kind of sleep, not the deserved rest of a very happy and content puppy dog.

One thing though – all that beauty sleep is making her even more gorgeous than she was to begin with.




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7 08 2006
still waters » the other one

[…] And she’s adjusting much better to the new digs. […]

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