the other one

7 08 2006

8d4cre2.jpgSince I devoted a post to the Perfect Patience yesterday, I thought it only fair to write about the other one (aka Gracie).

Gracie came into our lives a year and a half ago. When she arrived, I called her Second Best – but just for Patience’s sake. Being an only child, I thought Patience would have trouble adjusting, to not being the one and only puppy in the house. It took her a week, but after that she took over and looking after Gracie (for better or for worse) became her number one priority.

Patience is the more popular dog. Gracie is more of a challenge. It takes more effort to get to know Gracie, to love Gracie. She’s standoffish. She has some issues and isn’t as adjusted or emotionally stable as Patience.

She’s rambunctious and sneaky and attacks Patience on almost a daily basis. She’s a wild woman one moment and then she curls up really tight and puts on the most pathetic faces you’ve ever seen.

She’s particularly fond of waking people up by licking in their ears. It’s a bad habit we can’t seem to break.

She’s a troublemaker, but she’s an adorable troublemaker all the same.

And she’s adjusting much better to the new digs.




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