a new beginning

29 07 2006

so I’ve failed again. part of it was the technology aspect. i didn’t want to pay for a .Mac membership and I got frustrated with the publishing aspect of iWeb even though it made such a pretty and cool website.
excuses, excuses….
big changes right now. the (first) move is just a week away. school starts in just over a month. exciting…scary too.

i’m going to archive the old posts just because… I suppose if they follow me around long enough I’ll have enough motivation to update more regularly.

April 30, 2006

i was looking through some older photographs for a new desktop picture and i came across this one from Bath.
for some reason it got me thinking about different places.
i loved Bath – except for the actual Baths. it was a place though that Jane Austen was not overly fond. somehow that lead me to think about places – about places we like, places we dislike, places we feel comfortable, places we feel unsafe and realizing that some of that – perhaps a lot of that – has to do with what occurs in certain places.
for example, i hate the city i live in right now. yes, i feel unsafe here. even though it is comfortable suburban space, there seems a potential for chaos and trouble that is hard to explain to anyone else. but i think i hate this place even more because i can think of nothing good that has come of living here. all i can remember are the awful things that have occurred since moving here. in my head this makes sense. in my head i think about how difficult things have been since moving here. yes, in my rationale mind, i know that these could and probably would have occurred no matter where i was living. and yet still to me this place = a bad place.
good thing i’m moving soon isn’t it?




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