Marking, Marking and More Marking

20 04 2006

It seems the marking hasn’t stopped for the past month. And there’s still more to come.
It’s not as bad this time, which is good, but it is still somewhat brain-numbing and that keeps me from writing – any sort of writing.
I had my last night class at one of the colleges last night. It was a really odd feeling. I enjoyed my time there, but now I know I’m heading towards different and hopefully better things.
What was most odd I guess was having the final exam in the final class. It meant that there wasn’t really a way to end the class properly. They were all too stressed at the beginning and then they all left individually so it didn’t really feel like the end of anything. I suppose it will be the same on Monday with my other class – though I have more mixed feelings about that particular institution. But it just doesn’t feel like the end yet and I want that finality, that closure. I want something to be at an end, but it never seems to be. The doors remain open and that makes it harder to walk through the next one.




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